Technical Requirements


We need a suitable area to perform on. Staging is preferred as it creates a better visual effect, though it is not essential. The performance area should be a minimum of 18ft x 16ft and should be level.

Most of our equipment is both heavy and bulky, meaning that we require vehicle access to the venue. The off loading area needs to be as close to the performance area as is possible. Lift facilities are required for any venue where the performance area is either above or below ground floor level.

We require at least two 13 amp power sources – preferably two separately fused sources (one for sound and one for lighting). The power source should be as near to the performance area as possible.

Set up & Set Down
We need at least two hours setting up time followed by a further ½ hour for sound checking prior to the performance. It takes at least an hour to set down and clear the performance area at the end of the event.

Most of the band will have travelled some distance to the venue and will require food and drink during the course of the event. This can be in the form of sandwiches or hot food at the discretion of the client.

Performance times
The band normally plays 2 x 45 mins sets or 3 x 30 mins sets per performance.

Dressing Room
The band will require a room to change, leave cases and clothes, and rest during breaks. The room needs to be secure and large enough to accommodate the whole band comfortably.

The band carries £5 million public liability insurance and all it’s electrical equipment is PAT tested (copies available upon request).