Cocktails and Dance Nights


Member of a dance group or a dance organiser? Want to give your customers a special event, then why not consider holding a cocktails and dance night. Combine forces with another dance group and create a night of glitz and glamour that will leave your clientele talking for months to come.

You tell us the style of music you want and we will provide you with the music to dance the night away. We can also provide the music between the bands sets for you if needed.

With the increase in popularity of dance why not take this opportunity to open your doors to the general public as well and make this your social dance event of the year, enjoy the fun relaxed atmosphere that we will bring to the event and give people the opportunity to dance to a live band.
We can help you publicise the event by providing you with poster designs, including details of the event on our web site and publishing the event on a number of other sites on the internet.